Laurie Bartley

Numéro: Issue#177; October 2016.

'Légende d'automne' styled by Irina-Marie Bondarenko.

Numéro China: Issue#58; March 2016.

 'Maroc' featuring NIRVANA NAVES and styled by Felipe Mendes.

Numéro: Issue#168; November 2015.

'Quai des brumes' featuring ALISA AAHMAN with styling by Samuel Francois.

Numéro China: Issue#47; March 2015.

Cover story featuring MARIA VERANEN, styled by Felipe Mendes and shot on location in Abruzzo, Italy.

Elle US: Sept.2014.

LAURA KAMPMAN & ROBERTO SIPOS in 'Paradise Isle' shot on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Jean Paul Gaultier: ‘Classique Intense’ Fragrance Campaign.


Numéro China: Issue#40; June/July 2014.

Cover story 'Sirene' featuring LEXI BOLING was shot on location in the Dominican Republic.


2014 Campaign.

Elle US: September 2013.

'Shangri-La' featuring ILVA HEITMAN and styled by Samira Nasr.

10 Magazine: Issue#48; Autumn 2013.

'Dressed to Kill' featuring MEGHAN COLLISON. Styled by Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou.

Flair: Issue#5; April 2013.

featuring RIANNE TEN HAKEN and styled by Charles Varenne.

Flair: Issue#2; Oct.2012.

featuring HANNAH HOLMAN and styled by Jay Massacrat.

VMan: Issue#27; Fall 2012.

'Rock of Ages' Starring; IAN MELLENCAMP, TRAVIS SMITH & TON HEUKELS and styled by TOM VAN DORPE.

The Edit: May 2016.

Actress NAOMI WATTS styled by Tracy Taylor.

Vogue Türkiye: March 2016.

KIKI WILLEMS in 'Ispanyol' with styling by Anders Solvsten Thomsen.

Numéro China: Issue#52; Sept.2015.

Cover story featuring ANNIKA KRIJT, styled by Felipe Mendes.

Flair: Issue#17; May 2015.

featuring LOUISE PARKER with Styling by Anders Solvsten Thomsen.

Numéro China: Issue#42; Sept.2014.

featuring RIANNE TEN HAKEN and styled by Felipe Mendes.

Numéro China: Issue#43; Sept.2014.

featuring EMMA STERN NIELSEN and Styled by Felipe Mendes.

Numéro: Issue#155; August 2014.

ANMARI BOTHA stars in 'Underwater Love' styled by Samuel Francois.

Numéro Tokyo: Issue#77; June 2014.

'Fashion Survivor' featuring QUERELLE JENSEN shot in the San Blas Archipelago, Panama. 

Elle US: March 2014.

LAKSHMI MENON features in 'Ray of Light' styled by Samira Nasr.

Jean Paul Gaultier: ‘LeMale’ & ‘Classique’ Fragrance Campaign.


Garage Magazine: Issue#5; Sept.2013.

SIGRID AGREN stars in 'Helza Poppins' styled by Chloe Kerman.

Elle US: March 2013.

Shot on location in VIETNAM starring WANG XIAO and styled by Kate Lanphear.

Flair: Issue#1. Sept.2012.

featuring OTHILIA SIMON and styled by Sissy Vian on location in Benidorm, Spain.

Numéro Tokyo: Issue#59; Sept.2012.

CRYSTAL RENN in 'NY in the grit' styled by Felipe Mendes.

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